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We’ve Reinvented How To Sell Wholesale Online

The first wholesale sales tool that truly learns about individual customers, Biggest Shed is the new standard in online ordering. Take advantage of all the sales and marketing benefits of a website while your customers enjoy the speed and features of a mobile app.Upgrade. Get the Biggest Shed.

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Join us on a game-changing journey for your business. We partner with the most forward-thinking wholesalers to turn your online ordering into a personalised sales engine powered by artificial intelligence. So fast, easy and personal your customers will want to buy more from you.

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We've talked to enough business-to-business suppliers to know that nobody else is offering you the same digital marketing opportunities and deep data analysis that retailers enjoy. Leap ahead of your competition by letting us show you exactly what you need to know to grow wholesale sales.

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Apply to become an Authorised Sales Partner and you could be earning ongoing passive income by selling Biggest Shed. Wholesalers in every sector can increase profits by upgrading to use Biggest Shed as their online sales and marketing platform. You close the deals and we build the web apps.

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Take Online Sales To The Next Level

Ditch your mobile-optimised website that doesn't quite work on mobiles, wave goodbye to needing separate iPhone and Android apps that give a great experience on phones but look poor on tablets, forget customers having to manually download upgrades to your app. This is the rise of the PWA, an app that lives on the web but works on your phone. And your tablet. And your laptop. And your desktop.

We'll help you integrate digital

Biggest Shed isn't just a PWA, you'll benefit from the impartial business advice of a partner that's been helping firms integrate online trading into their business model since before the dawn of the commercial internet.

Built from scratch for B2B wholesale

Decades of experience in helping both wholesalers and global brand names profit from online sales, wrapped up into a new platform built purely for the unique challenges of selling wholesale.

Bespoke features developed for you

We don't simply chuck out the same app with a quick tweak of logo and colour scheme. Each Biggest Shed is created and built individually and even runs on different servers at our end, so we can create special features unique to your business and your requirements.

Customers can add the Progressive Web App to their homescreen for easy access

Compatibility across laptops, tablets and phones

Artificial intelligence drives sales

Benefit from the first B2B wholesale sales app that learns and improves based on customer behaviour. Everything from product search results to upsell recommendations and supplier marketing opportunities adapt over time for each individual customer to increase sales.

Biggest Shed is the best of both worlds

A decade ago the inventor of so-called "native" phone apps predicted that web technology would one day make them obsolete. That day has come and it now makes no sense to be losing sales by having a separate app and website.

New customers will flock to you

We've already heard about customers who have switched wholesalers purely because Biggest Shed is easier to use and slicker than other apps. Grab your competitors' customers by offering a better online ordering experience.

Biggest Shed is the evolution of the online sales platform developed for the UK's biggest delivered wholesaler by members of our team.


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Annual online sales

You're In Safe Hands and Good Company

Biggest Shed is a brand new sales and marketing platform for wholesalers and distributors but it has been conceived and built on over 20 years of experience in both online business and selling wholesale. Whether you're integrating online sales for the first time or looking to upgrade to Biggest Shed from an existing online app or website, it's a big step so you need to know that you can trust your new partner.

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Created one of the UK's first website production companies and the world's first wholesale e‑commerce platform, working with pharmaceuticals giant UniChem to promote web sales in the age of dial‑up modems.

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Launched the first online banner ads platform that enabled targeting based on personal profiling information such as demographics and leisure interests, transforming click‑through rates from an industry average of 0.1% to around 10%.

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Worked with major wholesaler Booker to identify new business opportunities in the emerging age of e‑commerce. Recommended being the first company to use a vast store and delivery network to take deliveries for online retailers.

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Developed the first online trading platform used by P&H, the UK's biggest delivered wholesaler to the supermarket, convenience retail and forecourt sectors, introducing the first online ads in wholesale targeted based on search keywords.

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Created the first major online ordering app in the UK wholesale sector for P&H that synchronised bespoke pricing lists and full product lists to mobile phones. A year later launched a separate mobile-optimised online ordering website.

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Launched the first Progressive Web App for B2B wholesale sales and marketing, also featuring software that learns. Starting again from scratch, we've combined the best of regular apps with the best of websites. Another first!

I developed P&H's first online ordering website and later led the project to transition the company to our new intelligent sales platform. This was business critical software for the biggest wholesaler in the UK. A talented new team, including some of the same people who built P&H's software, are now working on Biggest Shed, developing it as the latest innovation in wholesale selling and a market-leading platform for wholesalers of all sizes.

Jason Finch

Director of 443 AI Ltd, creators of Biggest Shed

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