Earn Big Time Selling Biggest Shed

Generous Reseller Commissions

Become an Authorised Sales Partner and earn an ongoing 20% commission on the monthly fees we receive from your direct sales. You'll get this every month for every installation that you sell, month-on-month passive income while each of your customers continues to subscribe. We'll give you support and training to help you to understand the product and we give wholesalers support in using Biggest Shed so you don't have to.

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Sales Rep Programme

If you're a sales rep for a wholesaler frustrated that your company's online ordering app or website is poor, persuade your management to upgrade to Biggest Shed and you could be earning significant extra income from us.

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ERP Programme

You may have a web front-end to your stock and warehouse management software or deals in place with app providers. Switch to Biggest Shed for both and provide your customers with the market‑leading web app for wholesale sales.

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Buying Group Programme

Offer your members the latest sales tool for their wholesale business and we'll give them 20% off our standard fee every month if you secure the deal or work out a programme with you to give you 20% on every sale to redistribute.

The Intelligent Choice

Biggest Shed is the next-generation web app for wholesalers and distributors. Learning about individual customer behaviour and based on years of experience in both online sales and the unique challenges of selling wholesale, Biggest Shed features absolutely everything a B2B wholesaler will need to increase sales online.

We've built the software on the latest PWA technology that means wholesalers can take advantage of all the sales and marketing benefits of a traditional website while their customers enjoy the speed and features of a mobile app.

While there are a lot of wholesalers that still think their customers want to read out orders over the phone, Biggest Shed is an easy sell for forward‑thinking companies looking to increase their company's profits.

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Why People Love Biggest Shed

There's nothing like Biggest Shed in the wholesale online ordering market right now. Customers ordering online love it because it features a B2C style of interface that they're used to but is focused on their B2B purchasing. It uses the latest innovative technology to give wholesalers a single platform that lives on the web but works on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Suppliers love it because Biggest Shed is the only platform that offers the deep data analytics they're used to from consumer sales but in a B2B environment. No other B2B wholesale sales app or website offers the impressive approach to targeting and data analytics for suppliers.


Total Convenience

Designed For How They Work

Wholesale orders are usually for dozens or hundreds of products, built over extended periods with core products re-ordered every time. Biggest Shed makes it easy to build orders extremely quickly based on how wholesale customers tend to work.

Familiar Interface, Faster Ordering

We place a major focus on the user interface and experience when adding features to Biggest Shed. Rather than simply being an online version of what a telesales person may use to key in orders, the entire web app is designed around the familiar aspects of retail shopping websites, making it simple for customers to find products and place orders.

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Created For B2B Wholesale

Bigger Orders, Reduced Costs

Customers naturally start to explore a wholesaler's full catalogue at the time they're building orders, finding new products to try. Self-service online ordering, directly integrated into order management systems, means there are no staff involved in order taking.

Any Pricing Model, Bespoke Ranges

B2B wholesale often sees individual customers having their own negotiated prices and sometimes restricted ranges governing which products are available to them. Biggest Shed was built to deal with complex pricing structures and even tailored ordering permissions so that staff can build orders but only authorised ones can approve and place them.


Personalised Marketing

Laser Targeting Like Never Before

Biggest Shed gives suppliers sophisticated digital marketing opportunities that use automated data analysis to adapt over time. And because it's a web app that works across all devices, it learns about every action of individual customers no matter whether they happen to be using their phone or their desktop computer at different stages of the order building process.

Data Analysis To Understand The Market

As well as giving standard data about campaign metrics back to suppliers, we also partner with them to develop bespoke code that tracks precisely what they want to know before a campaign starts so that we can deliver specific deeper and more complex insights during and after the campaign.

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We give generous commissions on closed deals and as an Authorised Sales Partner you will earn the same percentage‑based fee every month for every Biggest Shed you sell while the customer continues to subscribe.


Amazing returns even if you only sell this number each month


Baseline commission on every confirmed sale every month


Your Year 1 income selling only 1 Bigger Shed per month


Your Year 1 income selling only 1 Biggest Shed per month

Provide Your Customers With Powerful Solutions

Biggest Shed has re-invented how to sell wholesale online. Align yourself with a platform that not only drives sales for wholesalers but which is founded on the principle of using data to enable suppliers to sell into and understand the wholesale channel better than ever before. If we agree that you should become an Authorised Sales Partner we'll work together to ensure you have the right tools to showcase and sell Biggest Shed web apps.

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A World-Class Product

We firmly believe that Biggest Shed is the best solution for online trading available in the wholesale market. We invest in Research & Development and continually innovate to improve everything from the speed of the interface to the intelligence behind the product search results.

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A Range Of Options

Biggest Shed has its origins in software that members of our team developed for the UK's biggest delivered wholesaler. It can handle high-volume ordering for large enterprises but we also offer Big Shed and Bigger Shed, lower cost options for smaller wholesalers.

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A Passive Income

Selling technology into the wholesale sector is not easy, but once you close the deal and pass the relationship to us, our team will liaise with the wholesaler directly. We build the web app and provide ongoing support but you still collect monthly commissions.

Start Earning With Biggest Shed

Start earning significant additional income selling Biggest Shed to wholesalers and distributors. You'll start with training to ensure you understand the product and can sell it effectively to the right companies. Once you're a Biggest Shed Authorised Sales Partner and we've approved your sales leads you can be earning 20% on every sale for every month the wholesaler continues to use our software.

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