You profit, everyone wins.

You need far more than just an online ordering app to benefit from online trading. We have decades of experience integrating online sales platforms into businesses. When you use Biggest Shed we'll help you find the best ways to reduce ongoing costs and to enable existing telesellers and sales reps to build even better relationships with your wholesale customers.

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Bringing Intelligence to Online Sales

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Your telesellers and sales reps adjust their approach depending on the customer. So does Biggest Shed, but it remembers absolutely everything and continually and tirelessly adapts to individual customers to increase sales.

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Biggest Shed notices everything about how each customer finds products and what makes them buy. It reacts to every individual customer's behaviour, decisions and sales patterns to improve sales from that specific customer. Every order.

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Imagine always knowing what customers are looking for, why they're looking for it, what they're just buying regularly and what they're willing to spend more to get. Biggest Shed drives higher sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sell While Your Sales Teams Sleep

Your customers are used to shopping, banking, booking holidays and communicating with their phones and laptops, so give them the modern and slick ordering experience they're used to by integrating Biggest Shed into your business. Customers will place orders throughout the day and night, from any device, enabling your customer service team to focus on building relationships, not keying in orders.

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Bigger Orders

Your customers will naturally start to explore your full catalogue at the time they're building orders and will see other products you stock when searching for the products they want. Adding them to the order is easy.

Reduced Costs

Self-service online ordering, directly integrated into your order management systems, means there are no staff involved in order taking. Free up their time to build relationships with customers instead and stop recruiting so many telesellers and sales reps. Lower your costs while processing larger and more frequent orders.

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Better Customer Experience

You no longer have to offer only a clunky website and a separate phone app that doesn't quite work on tablets. Biggest Shed is built with the latest PWA technology so your customers get just one easy‑to‑use modern web app that works on their phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. The same great experience everywhere.

Impressive Supplier Marketing

Increase income from suppliers by offering marketing opportunities that only Biggest Shed can deliver. A first for suppliers to wholesalers, not only targeting customers at the point of purchase with unprecedented precision, but also benefitting from our decades of experience in understanding how to blend online and offline sales data to build better campaigns.

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Any Pricing Model

Personalised pricing per customer, general pricing groups, selling both cases and singles or splits with optional split surcharging, cascading price lists shared across different sets of customers, contract price lists, standard price lists, promotional price lists of any kind, weighted pricing, volume break pricing. If you offer it, we can model it.

Bespoke and Restricted Ranges

Biggest Shed enables customers to explore and buy anything from your entire range but also lets you restrict the range shown and available to individual customers or groups.

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Promotions and Intelligent Upselling

Slick support for a wide range of promotions from simple percentage or value discounts to complex customer-specific multibuys and bundle deals. Integrated into the checkout to upsell products if customers haven't bought enough to benefit from specific deals. Biggest Shed can be made to support any promotion types that you offer.

Barcode Scanning

Just like old style apps, PWAs can access the phone's camera and feature fast and slick barcode scanning. But because it's the same app that works on any device, Biggest Shed enables customers to even scan barcodes direct from their laptops or desktop webcams too.

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Easy Re-ordering

Biggest Shed makes it simple for customers to build shopping lists of frequently ordered products and to re-order items from previous orders. It can also build and maintain automated lists of favourite products for each user. Each list can be shared with other users ordering for the same account or kept private.

Tailored Ordering Permissions

Enable your customers to add multiple users to their account and to give ordering permission only to senior staff. Other users build and requests orders, notifying approvers that there is a pending order request needing their attention. You only receive the order once it's been approved.

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We could not be in better hands for creating an online ordering app that’s really at the cutting edge of innovation and providing a much better customer experience than other platforms that we could have used. Feedback from our customers already using the new platform has been beyond our expectations.

Kelly Williams

Group Sales and Marketing Director, Savona Foodservice


Savona Foodservice online sales in first quarter after launch


Projected business turnover through Biggest Shed after 12 months


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ERP Systems

Biggest Shed integrates directly with your internal software for up-to-date product information, customer account details, pricing structures and real-time stock availability in the warehouse, while still working if your external link is unavailable.

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Product Specifications

Enrich product information by uploading data sheets or using third-party integrations to provide additional information about products, including iconography or charts that provide easy visualisation of product specifications.

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Delivery Notifications

Integrate your lorry and van routing software to provide real-time delivery update information to customers or enable drivers to update Biggest Shed on drop-offs so it can notify customers of the likely delivery time.

Biggest Shed works across all sectors of wholesale but for foodservice wholesalers in particular, knowing detailed information about every product is essential. We've partnered with Erudus, the food industry’s collaborative solution to sharing product data. This enables Biggest Shed to display nutritional, ingredient, storage and prominent allergen information on product pages to help customers learn more about products before ordering.

Your Own Shed Manager

Biggest Shed integrates with your ERP software to synchronise customer and product information. But it also enables you to do far more with customer accounts and product data than most wholesale systems can handle.

So your Biggest Shed comes with a Management App to help set up and control the finer details of customer accounts and product information.

As standard you will be able to give individual people their own secure logins to the same customer account, and can even give only some of them authorisation to place orders, while others request approval for what they'd like to buy. This also enables customers to link regional manager logins to multiple accounts as well as the local on-site staff.

Preview of the Biggest Shed Account Manager
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More Than The Technology

We take a partnership approach to enabling wholesalers to grow with Biggest Shed. We don't simply set up and create your own custom-branded version of the app, we'll help you integrate online sales and service into your wholesale business so that you get the highest returns from choosing Biggest Shed. Unlike other app and website companies this is all we do, so it's in our best interests to make sure your shed has to grow.

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B2B Expertise

Biggest Shed was built specifically for B2B wholesale from the start with experience of handling high-volume ordering and customer-specific pricing and promotions. Biggest Shed has its origins in a decade working with the UK's biggest delivered wholesaler.

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Consultancy Included

To achieve the highest returns from integrating online you need to make some other critical changes to the way parts of your business works. We want you to grow with the Biggest Shed and all our packages include an element of free consultancy to make that happen.

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Focus On People

As your online business starts to grow, you'll recruit fewer new telesellers and sales reps as Biggest Shed's intelligence grows sales while your teams sleep. However, these people are vital to your business and have deep product, customer and sector knowledge. We'll help you all understand the impact of online ordering and guide you through the inevitable changes.

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Extensive Support

We have an enviable track record in ensuring ordering systems stay alive taking orders 24 hours a day. In any case your Biggest Shed will be fully monitored and every package comes with technical support. We even provide fast response support to your customer service team if any of your customers have a query about online ordering that your own team can't answer.

Let's Start Our Relationship

Whether you have only a paper brochure, one of the existing old style apps or a standard website, Biggest Shed will take your business to the next level. We want you to grow your physical sheds too so come talk to us and we'll hold your hand for the rest of the exciting journey.

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