Our Sheds Scale With Your Business

Big Shed


Perfect for smaller wholesalers to start seeing the benefits of online sales

10% off if billed annually

No set-up fee
Up to 100 orders daily
Up to 1,000 customers
Up to 2,500 SKUs
Up to 50 price files
Single depot

Top Features

  • Orders sent by email
  • Basic learning search
  • No product promotions
  • Basic usage analytics
  • Half day online sales consultancy per month included, additional days £795 each
  • Shared server hosting with standard common features
  • Weekday support, office hours, 1 day response

Bigger Shed


The option for medium-sized wholesalers looking to reach the next level

15% off if billed annually

No set-up or integration fees
Unlimited orders
Up to 5,000 customers
Up to 10,000 SKUs
Up to 1,000 price files
Up to 3 depots

Top Features

  • ERP integration
  • Fully intelligent search
  • Simple product promotions
  • Advanced usage analytics to drive sales
  • Full day online sales consultancy per month included, additional days £650 each
  • Dedicated server hosting with potential for bespoke feature development
  • 6 day support, extended hours, 4 hour response

Biggest Shed


Let's work together to reach your ambitions of upgrading your physical sheds

20% off if billed annually

No set-up or integration fees
Unlimited orders
Unlimited customers
Unlimited SKUs
Unlimited price files
Unlimited depots

Top Features

  • ERP integration
  • Fully intelligent search
  • Intelligent promotions
  • Bespoke usage analytics to drive sales
  • Full day online sales consultancy per month included, additional days £500 each
  • Multi-location hosting for highest possible uptime and bespoke feature development
  • 7 day support, extended hours, 1 hour response

Included In All Paid Plans

Uncapped order values and sizes

Revenue-generating supplier ads

Separate management app

Intelligent upselling features

Your logo and branding

Your own app icon and website

Search engine optimised

No app downloads required

Automatic feature upgrades for users

Secure login and data encryption

Resilient fully-monitored hosting

Link to products from social media

Coming soon: the new B2B sales platform for smaller trade sellers

Little Shed

From £50

Give your trade customers the latest web app that enables them to build and place orders at any time from any device. You manage your own product details and price lists and enjoy all the same benefits as Biggest Shed wholesalers, but on a smaller scale. Perfect for manufacturing companies with product ranges up to around 100 products and no requirement to integrate with warehouse management software.


  • No set-up fees
  • Your own logo, colours, web address and app icon
  • Slick modern interface that works on all devices
  • Use as your trade catalogue with the 'Browse as Guest' feature
  • Secure Management App lets you control everything
  • Manage customer and product lists and add images
  • Set up different price lists for different accounts
  • Set stock levels or mark products as 'Made to Order'
  • Orders collated online or sent by email
  • Automatic order confirmation emails sent to customers
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Questions and Answers

There are hundreds of different questions you may need answers to. Integrating online ordering or switching from your existing provider are both big decisions. Get in touch and we'll respond almost immediately. A quick phone call can help you to understand why upgrading to Biggest Shed will help your customers buy more from you and within a few weeks you could be seeing the benefits.

Your customers want to talk to real people when things go wrong. But the reality is that, as much as you think the human touch is a good selling point, customers want convenience and the ability to easily re-order whenever they want and however they want. This is why behemoths like Amazon grew so large and why every other sector offers online sales and service. Having a person keying in orders is not a differentiating factor that your customers want in this day and age.

If after six months of building your Biggest Shed you're still not convinced and you've followed all our advice but still can't persuade your customers to start ordering online, we'll give you all your money back.

You are losing online sales. Believe us, we've researched the web ordering offerings of every warehouse and stock management stalwart around. The fact is they are poor, look bad and give customers an experience that is failing the online potential of your business.

You will be amazed at how much you save and how much more profit you make from the same customers when you switch to using an online sales app developed with the sole purpose of selling online.

Biggest Shed is the only thing we do and we have over 20 years' experience generating online sales for well-known brand names and wholesalers.

It's crazy having a separate online ordering app and website, or just a "mobile-optimised" website that doesn't quite work on mobiles. Technology has moved on and web apps like Biggest Shed give the best of both worlds.

Companies that make traditional 'native' apps will of course tell you that apps convert more sales than websites, but that's missing the point that technology has moved on since they invested in creating their app and that most wholesale ordering websites offer an incredibly poor customer experience.

Biggest Shed was built on the latest innovative technology called web apps - single things that live on the web but look and feel just like an app on phones and tablets while also being fast and slick on laptops and desktops. Your customers will love the sales experience and buy more from you.

Is Price All That Matters?

We know margins are tight in wholesale, but looking at the basic price of an online ordering platform may drive you to choose a partner that misses the mark. It's a big decision. Leap ahead of your competitors by choosing the option that gives your customers a better online experience and uses artificial intelligence to boost sales, from a company that gives you advice to reduce other costs and actually increase profits as part of the deal. We want you to upgrade to a bigger shed.

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