We use data, you grow sales.

We help wholesalers to blend their raw sales data with deep intelligence about online customers and the ways they interact with our next-generation web app. We've spent our lives doing it and bring that experience to wholesale to help you boost incremental sales in the channel.

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Bringing Intelligence To Digital Marketing

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We watch online and offline activity like a hawk and combine our analysis about each customer's behaviour in both scenarios. We know in real-time what each individual customer is doing and our intelligence tracks their decisions through the product browsing and searching journey.

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Facebook and Google became huge businesses by using data to learn about individuals to target them with advertising. Benefit from our knowledge of personalised targeting based on data. No other online ordering platform in wholesale targets with such intelligence built in.

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Biggest Shed uses machine learning to improve campaigns while they're still running. Once they're over we'll share data with you to help understand why customers reacted in the ways they did. You'll grow wholesale sales with unprecedented understanding of purchase behaviour.

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Explore New Possibilities

Biggest Shed is a first for suppliers to the wholesale sector, not only enabling you to target online wholesale customers at the point of purchase with frightening precision, but to also benefit from decades of experience in understanding how to blend online and offline sales data to adapt campaigns while they're active.

Customer Browse Paths

Understand how customers find your products, those of your competitors and the routes they choose to take whether or not they find them.

Basket Additions, Subtractions and Substitutions

Analyse the purchasing decisions as they are taking place, effectively watching over customers as they choose what they'll actually buy.

If This Then That

Set rules so your campaign only fires if a customer does something specific or analyse if customers usually did something only after another.

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A/B Campaign Analysis

Trial different imagery and marketing messages, run online and offline campaigns simultaneously to compare response profiles.

Customer Type Identification

Discover and understand in-depth information about the customers responding to your campaigns and compare with what was expected.

Trend Analysis

Use search data and pattern analysis of ordering behaviour across differing groups to understand trends or identify them before they're well-known.

Biggest Shed is the evolution of the online sales platform developed for the UK's biggest delivered wholesaler by members of our team.


Monthly online orders


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Annual online sales

Targeting Options That Adapt

Start seeing higher engagement and better returns from your wholesale marketing spend. Choose a single targeting option or combine any number for more complex audience definitions. Let Biggest Shed intelligently manage the delivery of your campaigns to maximise results based on your marketing goals.

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Focus your budget even without a defined audience by letting Biggest Shed automatically analyse which formats work well with individual customers, finding an approach that gives your campaign the best chance of success.

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Show different marketing campaigns to restaurants and hotels than you do to the care home or education sector. Perhaps you want to market mostly to cafes during tourist season or launch new products into a specific sector.

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Narrow the focus to include or exclude customers in different geographic locations by defining individual regions, lists of postcode areas or a radius around a place. Test different imagery for different locations.

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Buying Intention

Show your ads only when customers explore products in a particular category or activate your campaign during or after a specific search. Biggest Shed recognises when a customer is searching for a specific type of product.

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Added to Order

Trigger the start of a campaign at the time customers add a brand or type of product to the order that they are building. Highlight complementary or similar products or your own brand of a product to tempt switching.

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Purchasing History

Target customers who regularly buy from a particular product category or ones that do not currently buy such products. Direct your campaign at customers buying competing brands or ones already loyal to your own.

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Less, Lapsed or Lost

Engage with customers buying fewer of your products than they used to, ones who used to buy but haven’t recently or target customers that you need to win back who may have switched brand or stopped buying entirely.

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Spending Power

Aim campaigns only at those customers who may be worth the most in sales if they respond to your campaign. Use your budget to only target customers in specific percentile ranges of total customer spend for a product type.

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Website Visitors

Re-target customers who have visited your own website. This is often powerful as those individuals may be more likely to buy your products because they’ve already spent time researching your brand elsewhere.

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More Commitment & Better Returns

Biggest Shed's pioneering marketing technology for wholesale sales is as flexible as it is revolutionary. We prefer to create long-term relationships that generate much higher returns over time, but we offer anything from what you'll find in other marketing platforms up to the latest in intelligent data-led online marketing.

Example Project 1

Entry Level Investment and Returns

  • Single or split periods of activation for up to 4 weeks total
  • Basic analytics such as daily view counts and click-through rates
  • Individual product led
  • Very limited targeting options
  • Banner ads only
  • 1 specific key word or phrase
  • Brand awareness raising and limited incremental sales

Example Project 2

Low Level Investment and Returns

  • Periods of inactivity interspersed with periods of activation
  • Reported analytics designed to provide insight into future activations
  • Individual product led
  • Basic pre-determined targeting options
  • 12 month total period
  • 3 product led activations
  • 6 banner promotion periods of 1 week durations
  • 4 specific search key words or phrases
  • Product sale increases anticipated against established baseline

Example Project 3

Mid Level Investment and Returns

  • Periods of inactivity interspersed with regular periods of activation
  • Reported analytics designed to provide insight into future planned activations
  • Competitive analysis by product category, including shopping behaviour indicators
  • Product category led
  • Multiple targeting options with intelligent adaptations between activations
  • 12 month total period
  • 4 product category led activations
  • 12 banner promotion periods of 2 week durations
  • 8 search key words or phrases, mix of broad and specific
  • Checkout-stage linked recommendations and timed promotions
  • Product category sale increases anticipated against established baseline

Example Project 4

Higher Level Investment and Returns

  • Few periods of inactivity interspersed with sustained periods of activation
  • Fully customised analytics developed in partnership to provide specific insights
  • Raw data dumps of key customer behaviours
  • Both product category and individual product led
  • Sophisticated targeting options with mid-run intelligent adaptations
  • 12 month total period
  • 6 product category led activations and 8 individual product activations
  • 2 category 'takeover' periods of 8 week durations
  • Enhanced search result placement during activation periods
  • Linked to 12 search key words or phrases of any type
  • Bespoke mini-site development with engagement at key purchasing decision points
  • Product category sale and individual product sale increases anticipated against established baselines

Let's Get Together

Let us know more about your brand, your products and what you'd like to achieve in wholesale sales and marketing. We're happy to be introduced to your network of wholesalers to help you reach specific markets and customers that may not have upgraded to Biggest Shed yet.

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